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  1. Sustainability Of SS 904L VS SS 316

  2. Stainless Steel 904l (UNS N08904) - Heanjia Super Metals ...

    Stainless Steel 904l has medium corrosion resistance properties such as oxidation resistance. It is a suitable austenitic stainless steel to be used in the prevention of hot seawater corrosion and chloride based attack. It resists chloride based stress corrosion cracking and acidic corrosion. SS 904 is used in acid processing equipments, gas ss 904l corrosion

  3. Specification Sheet: Alloy 904L - Stainless Steel Plate ...

    Alloy 904L (UNS N08904) is a superaustenitic stainless steel that is designed for moderate to high corrosion resistance in a wide range of process environments. The combination of high chromium and nickel content, coupled with additions of molybdenum and copper, assure good to excellent corrosion

  4. Stainless Steel 904l Grade Technical Datasheet

  5. Atlas Grade datasheet 904L rev May 2008 July 2010.

    Grade 904L is a non-stabilised low carbon high alloy austenitic stainless steel. The addition of copper to this grade gives it greatly improved resistance to strong reducing acids, particularly sulphuric acid. It is also highly resistant to chloride attack - both pitting / crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.

  6. Stainless steel AISI 904L - Stainless steel AISI 904 L

    We specialize in the high corrosion Stainless steel AISI 904L/W.NR 1.4539/ Uranus B6/UNS N08904. For highly critical corrosion problems in the Chemical and Petrochemical industry, this austenitic steel with its high molybdenum and a reduced carbon content grants excellent resistance to: Reductive acids like phosphoric and sulphuric acid

  7. Alloy 904L Stainless Steel Plate - Sandmeyer Steel

    Corrosion Resistance. The high content of alloying elements in 904L gives the alloy exceptionally good resistance to uniform corrosion. 904L was originally developed to withstand environments containing dilute sulfuric acid, and is one of the few stainless steels that, at temperatures up to 95°Fss 904l corrosion

  8. Crevice Corrosion of Stainless Steels 904L, 2205, and 2507 ...

    Crevice Corrosion of Stainless Steels 904L, 2205, and 2507 in High-Temperature Sulfuric Acid Solution Containing Chlorides: Influence of Metal Cations M. Lindgren *Outotec (Finland), Pori Research Center, P.O. Box 69, 28101 Pori, Finland.

  9. ATI 904L -

    ATI 904L alloy (UNS N08904) is an austenitic stainless steel designed for a middle to high level of corrosion resistance. The alloy contains high levels of chromium and nickel with additions of molybdenum and copper to provide added corrosion resistance

  10. Why does Rolex use 904L Stainless Steel? - Precision ...

  11. Stainless steels for extremely corrosive environments

    The Ultra range contains 8 stainless steel products meant for extremely corrosive environments (PRE of more than 27). Key products Outokumpu name Typical applications Product forms Ultra 904L A high-nickel and molybdenum austenitic stainless steel with very high corrosion resistance. Ultra 904L was originally developed for handling sulfuric

  12. Sandvik 2RK65 ('904L') stainless steel Sandvik Materials ...

    Sandvik 2RK65, also known as 2RK65, is a high-alloy austenitic stainless steel of '904L' type. The grade is intended for use under severe corrosion conditions within the process industry. Sandvik 2RK65 is available in a range of product forms, such as tube and pipe, billets, blooms and ingots.

  13. Ultra range, Outokumpu

    Key grades Ultra 904L. A high-nickel and molybdenum austenitic stainless steel with very high corrosion resistance.Ultra 904L was originally developed for handling sulfuric acid at ambient temperatures, and is now used in a broad range of chemical industry applications.. Ultra 254 SMO

  14. Stainless Steel 904L Supplier, SS 904L Stockists, UNS ...

    Stainless Steel 904L Suppliers, SS 904L, SS WNR 1.4539 Manufacturer, Alloy UNS N08904Exporter in India Stainless Steel 904L (UNS N08904) is a super austenitic stainless steel that is designed for moderate to high corrosion resistance in a wide range of process environments.

  15. Article: Selection of stainless steels for handling ...

    Influence of alloy additions to stainless steels on corrosion resistance The improvement in corrosion resistance moving from 304 to 316 is due to the addition of molybdenum. Further additions of moybdenum and copper in the 1.4539 (904L) grade extend the corrosion

  16. SSINA: Stainless Steel: Corrosion

    CORROSION: Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking Definition: The combination of tensile stress and a specific corrosive environment can crack stainless steels. This mode of attack is termed stress corrosion cracking (SCC). The most common environmental exposure condition responsible for SCC of stainless steels is the presence of chlorides.

  17. Stainless steel - Wikipedia

    Stainless steel, due to its superior corrosion resistance relative to most other metals, including steel and aluminum, becomes the cathode accelerating the corrosion of the anodic metal. An example is the corrosion of aluminum rivets fastening stainless steel sheets in contact with water. [18]

  18. Stainless Steel Alloy 904L - Continental Steel & Tube Company

    Stainless Steel Alloy 904L Type 904L is a high alloy austenitic stainless steel that is known for its corrosion properties. This low carbon version of Type 904 stainless steel

  19. SS904L, AISI 904L Stainless Steel (UNS N08904) Material ...

    304 stainless steel can handle mild foods and vegetables, but sauces and pickle liquors are more corrosive and can even cause pitting corrosion on type 316 stainless steel. In order to improve pitting resistance, high alloy 904L stainless steel should be considered.

  20. Resistance to Corrosion - 316 316L 1.4401 1.4404 Stainless ...

    316 1.4401 / 316L 1.4404 Resistance to Corrosion. Alloys 316, 316L, and 317L are more resistant to atmospheric and other mild types of corrosion than the 18-8 stainless steel.In general, media that do not corrode 18-8 stainless steel tube will not attack these molybdenum-containing grades. One known exception is highly oxidizing acids such as nitric acid to which the molybdenum-bearing ss 904l corrosionSome results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement. For more information, please see here.

  21. Stainless Steel 904L Round Bar -


    Stainless Steel and Corrosion is a book worth owning for tradesmen, students, architects, engineers and even material researchers. It begins with a closer look at the main types and applications of stainless steel. From there it turns to metallurgy, with an introduction to the

  23. Resistance to Corrosion - 316 316L 1.4401 1.4404 Stainless ...

  24. Corrosion Handbook - SPX FLOW

    The APV Corrosion Handbook is an essential tool in helping you minimize the impact of corrosion within your heat transfer applications. The handbook provides a detailed look at the various types of corrosion, the effects of the most common corrosive agents with respect to a variety of materials and an overview of how to cost effectively select the

  25. Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels -

    Corrosion resistance of stainless steels Corrosion in concrete (corrosion problems are not limited to outside surfaces !) Stainless steel provides both strength and corrosion resistance inside the concrete, providing a long, maintenance-free service life of the structure. Corrosion of unprotected carbon steel occurs even inside reinforced

  26. DUPLEX Stainless Steel -

    Fatigue and fatigue corrosion resistance of stainless steels are enhanced by the use of duplex grades (higher mechanical properties, chromium content and ss 904l corrosion 904L = 2.72 6Mo = 2.83 3.46 ss 904l corrosion Stainless Steel Or carbon steel lined with rubber . Black and White Liquor Vessels S31803, and S32304 ss 904l corrosion

  27. Inhibition of Bromide-Pitting Corrosion of Type 904L ...

    Abstract. Pitting corrosion of Type 904L (UNS N08904) stainless steel was investigated using the potentiodynamic polarization technique in different bromide concentrations, as well as in 0.6 M sodium bromide (NaBr) in the presence of some inorganic compounds at elevated temperatures.

  28. Article: Calculation of pitting resistance equivalent ...

    Pitting resistance equivalent numbers (PREN) are a theoretical way of comparing the pitting corrosion resistance of various types of stainless steels, based on their chemical compositions. The PREN (or PRE) numbers are useful for ranking and comparing the different grades, but cannot be used to predict whether a particular grade will be ss 904l corrosion

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