A diversity of researches come to similar conclusions: the more the learning environment resembles the practical situation, the easier it gets to put the learned skills into practice. There has been research that shows your internal experiences influence the ease of recalling (state-dependent memory), and there has been research that […]

Memory and learning dependencies

Given this NLP technique by Wyatt Woodsmall: 1. Elicit the metaprogram in-time / through-time. 2. Elicit the timeline and put it on the ground. 3. Lokalize NOW. – In-time: step out of the timeline in such a way NOW lies in front of you. – Trough-time: step onto your timeline […]

Ultimate reflection: are you a NLP Practitioner?

In the past few weeks I overheard on four different occasions about bright children being judged on lacking in social skills. Clearly these children lacked social and emotional development as they did not seek interaction with other kids, and they alienated themselves in the classroom. Because, obviously, if a child […]

Social and emotional development at school

When you are running a project things can go wrong. And we try to avoid these mistakes, by applying beforehand some process of risk management and learning and registering lessons learned afterward. We work hard to avoid repetition. We pro actively search for threats, multiply chance with impact, in order […]

Risk management

Achieving better results, as a person, that is what the aim of personal development is. Comprehend more, in order to know more ways and get more options to choose from. Expanding your competence, in order to be able to realize your choices. So, when opportunity strikes, you know what to […]

Personal development: better results

As a lecturer I found it hard to create multiple choice exams. There are certain patterns that arise when making up the wrong alternatives. When you know these patterns you could answer many poorly designed questions in multiple choice exams, without having the knowledge. E.g. if you know it is […]

Passing multiple choice exams

When you manage a project, or when you want to help someone in managing a project, you can use these four NLP questions to challenge different viewpoints on the process. Provoking questions that lead to reflection, and that is why those questions can be interpreted as being annoying questions. Personally […]

Four questions to annoy a project manager

Different functioning of our left and right side of the brain Our brain consists of two halves (left and right) which are interconnected through the corpus callosum. The body and the brain are cross connected. Signals from the right side of the body are processed in the left side of […]

Two halves of the brain

There are very many feedback rules and other models that are effective and useful. The NLP sandwich feedback model is such a model, can be applied virtually everywhere and proves to be very effective. It has a very simple structure and is easy to apply. Learning and change depends on […]

Sandwich feedback model