Personal coaching

Let me tell you something about personal coaching. There are many labels used for methods and techniques of individual counseling and teaching, what coaching really is. But labels have no meaning. Therefore we choose a label as wide as possible: personal coaching. In my opinion coaching is about you as a person, you as a human being. This label suggests that the coaching is individual, safe and reliable, based on true personal contact. And above all it suggests it involves counseling in those matters you really care about. The things you got into your heart, things that really matter. Things having a fundamental impact on your life, now.

Meaning and direction in your life
Some people feel a need for more personal meaning. More direction and sense of their lives. So they are capable of realizing more beauty in their lives. Getting more out of life what is important to them, so they want to make contact with things which are really important to them and realize those aspects of life in a way that holds a more fun experience. So they get closer aligned to their core beliefs, and act with more certainty while making their authentic choices. Gain more control over their lives and experiences, and live their lives with power and passion.

Restraints and holding back
Other people opt for personal coaching to deal with something holding them back, because they are suffering from restraints. They may have had experiences in the past, which implied certain lessons learned, still playing a major role in their lives. They want to experience fewer problems. Another example could be the presence of certain negative and unhelpful feelings, such as fear, rejection, loss and uncertainty that limit the experience of getting all out of life.

Become stronger and grow
Still others may want to seek even more of what is already important and available to them, by applying personal coaching. They might look for (and find) more peace, more security, more confidence, more understanding, more appreciation, more recognition, more acceptance, more power, more bewilderment, more freedom, more justification, more fun, more vitality, more love, more relaxation, more balance, more energy, more control, more stability, more choices, more feelings, more …

Discover your possibilities
I am not able to tell you here how much personal coaching can mean to you. How much more fun personal coaching can give you. How useful it can be. How much easier your life could be. Because I miss crucial pieces of information while writing these words:

What would you want to have/feel/be most?

When will you be satisfied?

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