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Personal development: better results

Achieving better results, as a person, that is what the aim of personal development is. Comprehend more, in order to know more ways and get more options to choose from. Expanding your competence, in order to be able to realize your choices. So, when opportunity strikes, you know what to do and are able to follow through. And the more flexible you can behave, the more opportunities arrive.

Comprehension, competent, choice.

That is what should be the core of training and coaching: achieving better results, by comprehension, competence and choice. So take your time to learn new things, and when you comprehend make sure you become competent in using this knowledge, in practical application, to finally use this new skill in practical situations, whenever you feel like this new option is the best alternative behavior.

When you keep on doing what you have always done,
you will keep getting what you have always gotten.

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